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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  October 5, 2012 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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success . brian doesn't have his pantos yet. >> it is electricity . whew hoo . tgif. >> hand me my pants, "fox and friends" is about to start. >> they are on. >> forget it. i am walking out anyway . >> "fox and friends" starts right now. >> brian: where are my pants? >> gretchen: finally boxer briefs. >> brian: i felt chilly. >> gretchen: tgif . this is friday . october 5th. it is party time. no, it is "fox and friends" time. i am gretchen carlson. president obama has a plan to bump back from his dismal debate performance. >> governor romney may dance around the position, but if you want to be president you owe the american people the
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truth. >> gretchen: who is the one really lying? >> steve: meanwhile thank goodness for al gore . he explains why the president flopped out. >> you go to 5,000 feet and only a few hours to adjust. >> steve: isn't he the guy who invented the intim ator. blame it on the thin air . we'll tell you that story. >> brian: joe biden, take another gaffe. >> you guys sit down if you have a seat. guyings, i didn't realize you didn't have seats, i apologize . my mother would kill me if a woman was standing this long. i apologize . >> brian: another instant biden classic coming to you and what he said later on is note worthy especially to paul
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ryan who will be debating him shortly . -- shortly. "fox and friends" starts right now. >> steve: so you were wearing pants all along? >> brian: i am not saying anything. >> gretchen: they are snap on. >> steve: as long as they are not snap offs . >> gretchen: we have a peek underneath. twitter me if you think brian bears boxers or brief. >> brian: you do have the answer. >> gretchen: maybe president obama wanted joe biden around, because it would have taken the attention off of a performance that many are saying that was not a good one by president obama. what do you do to try to get it back on track if you don't have joe biden out on the campaign.
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blame somebody, something, some way. here's what happened . >> governor romney may dance around the position, but if you upon to be president you owe the american people the truth. so here is the truth. governor romney cannot pay for his five trillion dollar tax plan without blowing up the deficit or sticking it to the middle class. that's the math . we can't afford to go down that road again. >> steve: so the day after his terrible performance even the new york times called him president xannex. they have gone in damage control mode . they were portraying romney as an extremist and now back to romney is a flip-flopper and a big fact liar . >> brian: i thought the
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senator was right when team obama got a earful. the strategy was to lay back and not make major mistakes. governor romney will be a true choice. he defined himself as competent and capable . he was making himself relevant and holding the job. that's what you walk away . he undid over two million worth of advertising. >> gretchen: he had a answer about the five billion, trillion argument that the president said. he said that is not my tax plan. and you can see the difference when they are on a stage together going after each another and back out on the stump. on the stump you can say whatever you want. these are people supporting each cand date. this is a moment romney
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responding on the president. >> the president wasn't happy with the response to our debate last night and the reality is over the last couple of years, i have been followed by how many members of the med yampt i want to bring the tax rates down and lower the taxes. and i don't want a share of the tax burden to remain. i want to help middle income taxpayers. what i find offensive about his tax plan by raising taxes on small business like he does he will kill jobs . america demeeds for -- neeleds -- needs is more jobs. the president is saying and the reality are far apart. >> steve: that's right. and you have to figure out team obama was haned their hat
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after a terrible debate performance, the boys from chicago are not going to go quietly. you can expect something. they have done opposition research on mitt romney. you can something to leak and it will be dirty . they will say we upon to win the old-fashioned way on the merits. stand by for something. >> brian: i was staggered of the time of many choices. 67 million people watched. it is up 20 percent in 2008. and the ads to the nine battle ground states . they talk and pick up the phone . who did the best job . polls are saying . we have to wait until monday to find out if it affected the race. 25 percent said president obama did.
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and overwhelming number said romney. and i found hard pressed to find anybody to feel good about. including david axelrod. he had a proem with governor romney's shirt. >> steve: look for mr. romney to wind up with a bump in the polls, because of the president's weak one. and she writes of the president. he's never been punctured before but by debays and wednesday night. if you open the window, this is what you heard. soft hiss of air departing from a balloon . she said the president is a very good politician . >> gretchen: it will be a town hall setting and that is a different environment and questioning coming from the audience. brian excellent point to bring up. i was thinking that this
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morning and how many people watch the debate. that was a concern that i had . had people been energized to care and listen to the differences between the two cand des. two find out more people watched the debate since 1992 was heartening. the idea that that many people wanted to come to the tv and see what was going on in the nation was heartening. >> steve: pat buchan an said it was the best one in 52 years. but pat going back to the kennedy/nixon debate. >> gretchen: people on the democratic side tried to come up with excuses. this may be the best one. former vice-president al gore said it had to do with something that goes on in the state of colorado when you get high up in the rocky
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mountains, could it be the altitude. >> obama areiched in denver at 2:00 p.m. today. just a few hours before the debate started. romney did his debate prep in denver. when you go to 5,000 feet. >> exactly. >> and you only have a few hours to adjust. >> that's interesting. i don't know . >> brian: it makes a lot of sense. >> steve: there is such a thing. >> gretchen: we agree with it? >> brian: if you are playing the broncos that is an issue. but just talking? did anybody wipe the lens in the cameras. >> gretchen: what else is on the set agreeing with him. >> brian: he owns the company. sounds good, boss. >> steve: over the last 24 hours, the reason that the president was so subdued.
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they decided he was going to play it safe . rope the dope and let the clock run out . stay above the fray . it turns out the other guy bested him and that according to the polls. >> brian: how much to lower the temperature in here. it is 110. >> gretchen: i went like this. >> brian: you turned up the heat. >> gretchen: i turned it up from 69 to 66. >> brian: 10 bucks gets me to 62. >> gretchen: i will match that and more. okay, he's turning down the air conditioning to 50 let me do headlines. they spent more time getting there than on the ground. f.b.i. agents arriving in benghazi, libya. the agents gather the evidence and left 12 hours later. the f.b.i. revealing little information except to say that agents are working with the
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libyan government. we are expecting's brand new report on the economy that could have a major affect on the presidential race . the labor department will release the september jobs report. unemployment rate expected to inch up . it has been above 8 percent for the last 42 months straight. today's report will be the second for the election . a new warning this morning. cvc said the outbreak of deadly form of menigitus is. six states and leaving five people dead . it is link would to a steroid commonly used for back pain . it health officials suspect that bacteria was in the steroid and which is now recalled. the drug maker surrendered its license. darrell hannah making a splash
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in jail when she was protesting the key tone pipe line. the two stood in front of ground clearing equipment. both were charged with criminal trespassing and those are your headlines. brian went off to heat cooling for the day. >> steve: fantastic. there he is. that is just like in your fancy hotels . we have a thermostat. >> gretchen: 20 gets it back up to 69. >> brian: i will get funding. >> steve: coming up, straight ahead, live from the hot studio. a story that is almost impossible to believe. a dog sneaks out of his house and tracks down his owner who happened to be in the hospital miles away. that's the owner right there and that's the dog, their story coming up. >> gretchen: where was the president's head in this debate. bob woodward also has a theory
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kind of like al gore, dick morris is here to react. >> a lot of people played drinking games in the debate. they took a shot when someone said a certain word. word for obama was jobs and romney was medicare . jim lehrer was but -- but. he got confused. >> steve: poor guy. >> brian: 78. ♪ ♪ [ clock ticking ] [ male announcer ] there's a better way... v8 v-fusion. vegetable nutrition they need, fruit taste they love. could've had a v8...
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♪ >> brian: hey, glad you are up. why was president obama so off of his game in the debate. journalist bob woodword had a theory on shared on the radio on kilmeade and friends. >> something happened intelligence report, who knows the things that can happen in a president's life that distract him. he was distracted. it was not an engaged obama. i think as the onion gets peeled on this. we'll find that something happened in his presidential or personal life that distracted him. >> brian: could personal problems be the reason and
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blame why the president did so poorly . dick morris, you wrote the book screwed, you should know. >> he noticed there was not a teleprompter in front of him. i leave it to al gore to explain his bad performance on cloimate change when he said altitude in denver . two reasons for the bad performance . the first is, he's not that good and not that used to speaking without a teleprompter. did you notice the last two minutes of the debate he was better than the other 88? that was the closing statement and he could memorize and two minutes and he could keep in his head without a teleprompter and he didn't have to ad-lib it and i saw this with clinon and his debates and most vividly with
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reagan. a president deals with these issues so often and in such depth and complexity. when it comes to mobilizing his opinion in sound bites that he has to ad-lib it is hard for him to do that. he's thinking of thities and numbers and you get muscle-bound . headache it off and come in with talking points like an outsider addressing the sime issue. like if they ask you, if i come in somebody else's relationship . i can say she is too aggressive but if you are in the marriage it is hard to do that because you see the complexity. >> brian: it is an interesting turn much events. if the president looks that ineptthis being be over . where as if romney wasn't strong he would be through.
3:19 am
and if president obama is befuddled people would think it is done with moke and mirrors. >> that is true . i think the race. i have believed going into this debate that romney was ahead and that accurate polls show him ark head and now i think he's further ahead and i think he will win the election and i don't think it will be close . i think it will be on the same murder of magnitude as obama's defeat to mccain was and i have been saying that eight months now. >> brian: stay right there. >> actually months. - nine months. it was a pregnant thought. >> brian: still ahead tv movie detailing the raid of bin laden will air a few minutes before the election . coincidence, i say yes. and guess he didn't learn his lesson . this guy punching out his own
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if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help.
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>> steve: time for quick headlines on friday morning. american airlines groundding 50 planes afters to repair the loose seats didn't work. american said a locking mechanism needs to be fixed . dozens of flights are cancelled and work should be completed by sometime tomorrow . they say it has nothing to do with politicings. >> hpt is osama bin laden. >> steve: okay, a controversial movie about the osama bin laden raid will air on the national geographic
3:24 am
channel. coincidence, right? >> gretchen: both democrats and republicans said mitt romney won the debate. >> steve: most accurate polls are expected next week. instant polls. one pound found 67 percent of the voters thought mitt romney won and 25 percent thought president obama. was it a much-needed gamer. allor - author of the here comes the black helicopters . the loss of freedom. dick, how big of a bounce will mr. romney get? >> i would think four or five points. according to the current polls, that would take him from two or three behind to two or three ahead.
3:25 am
in reality it will take him five nationally and put him in the lead significantly in florida and virge virge - virginia and a smaller lead in ohio. i did a study with my friend johnn, a fellow pollster and he looked at exit polls when voters came out of the voting booth. they were asked what is yourr party reference? democrats had a one point edge . went to 13 surveys done by the media in september, and he found in those, there was a combined 8 point democratic edge. those polls are 7 points wrong . so when they show in ohio that mitt romney is down by 5. they are saying it is a tied race there and when this thing
3:26 am
in virginia where i was here yesterday giving speeches. he is probably about five ahead. >> gretchen: sorry. >> they are waiting for demo grapics. >> gretchen: other pundits say debates don't matter. it might be a one point bounce and that type of thing. how would you respond. >> we have seen obama over many, many years but not seen romney. those of us in the business and republican debates did. but the independents and democrats haven't had a chance to see the guy. all they have heard the vilification of him in negative ads it is not so much obama's performance that structured the debate. it is romney's performance. the question is why was romney so good?
3:27 am
>> steve: excellent. congratulations on your new book mr. morris. >> thank you, we'll talk about it next week . globall governorance taking over the globe. >> steve: i hate it when that happens. >> gretchen: see you next week. >> brian: next on the run down. oh, joe, here you go again. >> will you guys sit down if you have seats? thank you. i didn't realize you didn't have seats, i apologize . my mother would kill me if a woman was standing for me this long. i apologize. >> brian: stand up, chuck. another biden classic coming your way. >> gretchen: a dog sneaks out of his home and tracks down his owner in the hospital miles away. >> steve: first happy birthday. steve miller, he's singing he's 69 . ♪ i am a joker. ♪ i am a moker. ♪ i am a midnight joker
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♪ >> governor walked away fromm the center piece of his economic. you guys sit down if you have seats. thank you, i didn't realize you didn't have seats, i apologize. my mother would kill me if a woman was standing for me this long. i apologize . >> brian: what is the deal.n: mg ovation. >> brian: he found them distracting. >> steve: usually they are clapping. >> brian: it is amazing something comes up like this. he probably had a theme romney lied. and instead we are talking about what he did say .
3:32 am
this is a gaffe. he attended a rally a few years ago in iowa. remember this. >> chuck graham. stand up chuck. let them see you, god love you what am i talking about? you are making everybody else stand up though, pal. thank you very much. i tell you what, stand up for chuck. >> gretchen: that poor gentleman was not able to stand up. >> steve: he was referring to chuck graham. a missouri state senator who was confined to a wheelchair. >> brian: the other thing that was significant yesterday, he wanted tell everybody how the middle classs is his focus and upper class had it too long. and when he gets another four years everybody will pay the price. >> you know the phrase you always use, obama and biden, want to raise taxes by eight
3:33 am
trillion dollars. guess what, we do in one regard . we want to let that trillion dollar tax cut expire so the middle class doesn't have to bear the buren of all of that money going to the super wealthy. >> steve: in politician school. within a month of an election done tell them you are raising taxes . >> brian: if you buried the middle class which he did. >> gretchen: entering he used the word buried. you got to wonder if paul rhine will use buried or one trillion tax coming up a week from yesterday. >> steve: mr. biden has been busy this electionn cycle. it was a month or half ago in the common wealth of virginia in front of the count. mitt romney will put you all back in chains . that was a big story 15 seconds .
3:34 am
>> brian: then forced to takely weeks off and now front and center and soon on his own. next thursday. paul ryan might be one of the best debaters because he does in the house in congress . senator -- i mean vice-president bide boyd will have his hands full. he doesn't necessarily have the best report card. >> steve: in the shot you could see the teleprompters on the stage but he was not looking at them. he was doing bidenism. >> gretchen: he will be sitting around the table. one good thing he is very folksy in his regard. even when he makes a gaffe. you go oh, joe. i will not rule him out being effective in that kind of environment. >> steve: heart beat from the president. yeah. >> gretchen: and now one of the biggest medicare fraud
3:35 am
busts on record. >> it was a serious coordinated nationwide action . charges were brought against 91 defendants including defendants and nurses and other licensed medical professionals for the participation in fraud scheme with 430 million in fraud billings. >> gretchen: it happened in new york, chicago, los angeles and chicago in miami and one doctor in dallas charged 100 million with services that never took place. >> brian: ann presleyy can sue a hospital and three workers for outrageous behavior. they illegally looked at her daughter's medical files . she was severely beaten in her home in arkansas. >> steve: look at this. a lawyer sucker punched in the courtroom by his own client.
3:36 am
boom. okay great. the guy in the jump suit took the swing at his public defender after the judge sentenced him to 15 year in robbery. the punch landed him extra six months . his lawyer walked away with a swollen lipp and sore jaw and they were both on "fox and friends" this morning. >> gretchen: how could this dog have known his owner was in the hospital. he slipped out of the long island home and showed up at the hospital where one of them was staying two miles away. >> steve: we don't are children but 3beautiful dogs. he is my buddy. >> gretchen: john was treated for a skin condition. the couple said zander was
3:37 am
never at the hospital before but somehow knew how to find his owner. >> steve: dogs know to big snow . look at extreme weather . first snowfall hit in the midwest . check the video out. snow falling northwestern minnesota and north dakota as well. some areas may see a foot by the end of the day. we are still in the first week of october. trouble causing trouble on the road and knocking out power to people. lookk at the precipitation. it is moving in the portions of the great lake states and back through missouri and mississippi valley and also stuff in the panhandle of florida. current temperatures. it is freezing in rapid city and cooler in montana. and some temperatures in the northern plains and 30s . southern plainns is the place to be. room temperature in dallas . we have 63 foggy degrees in
3:38 am
new york city and 73 down in tampa. beautiful day on tap for much of florida. high today should be 88. much of texas in the 80 90s and top out close to 80 degrees here in new york city and looks like the day-time high for st. louis should be about 58 degrees from what i read earlier. brian why would i mention st. luse? >> brian: i think you had a vision of thursday night football and the nfl network and a vision of game playied and breast cancer awareness . not only the gloves but the ball itself. that is an intercepted pass. keith played tight end for bc. >> gretchen: yes, he is. >> brian: that's how scott describes you. which is odd. people have food tasters and i have pass catchers. thank you, i wish you were a
3:39 am
better looking guy. hey, st. luse shocking the cardinalings. cend ricks scoring on the opening drive for the rammings. they are 3-2 for the year and handing the first loss of the season. cardinals who had their way in the nfl, but not last night. rams recording nine sacks. and kevin cobb on the run all night. rams, 3and two under jeff fisher and listen to this. j.p. morgan ceo jamie diamond getting a pep talk from john brady. he had to deal with losing games and so member asked him to call jamie dimon. he got a call . up your spirits. you lost six billion of your customers money . hang in there. >> did lou garrett die from something other than than the
3:40 am
disease? they think he being have died from brain talma. he had no living relatives and the mayo clinic said the roars should stay sealed . what could they see . >> that would change everything . >> they would have to change the movie. >> gretchen: you will wear the gloves for the remainder of the showw. >> brian: i think so. i will not drop the papers. you cannot throw me. listen to this. feel this. it should be illegal. >> steve: are they? >> brian: yes, they are legal for a great cause. 20 minutes before the top of the hour. >> gretchen: telling you about rubber rooms where teachers are sent to do nothing but are getting paid. wait until you see. >> steve: having a dejavumoment and it is a past moment. here's here with the proof.
3:41 am
>> brian: watch . >> steve: it is dejavuall over again. ♪ ♪ food, meet flavor. flavor, meet food. it's time for swanson flavor boost. concentrated broth in easy to use packets. mix it into skillet dishes, for an instant dose of... hell-o! [ female announcer ] get recipes at
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>> gretchen: welcome back. you ever had a dream so real maybe you lived in a past life but you feel like you are
3:44 am
friends forever? my next guest said that is normal and you may be reliving parts of your past life. miracles happen and past life memories that he wrote along with his daughter amy. good to see you . >> thank you . in a short period of time explainn what your regression therapy is. >> i am a psychiatrist and i am used to taking people back in time to relieve memories. that is the whole art of the psychotherapy . the arena can be larger . many people remembered last lifetime . when they remembered them there was traumma in it like drowning or falling off a clipp and phobias in this life would disappear . they would lose a fear of water . hanged in a past life and had
3:45 am
neck pain in this life. as a psychiatrist i was intrigued it could heal chronic symptoms. >> gretchen: you have entire book of personal stories of personal experiences that happened to different individuals. the psychiatry world must not love the work you are doing, why? >> it is a big debate. since 1980 when i started accumulating stories, you are not taught this in medical school and yet i was fining my pates were getting better. and one by one psychiatrist come to me and i train them to do the past life therapy . but it is like swimming up streamm. it is new and different and it will take time . >> gretchen: we discussed in the break religions may have a problem with it. christianity believes in life after death but not past lives. >> exactly right and yet it
3:46 am
was in christianity and judiam they believe in past life. and so it is in the western religions, too. i don't find the blow back from religionn but psychiatrist. >> gretchen: that is interesting. tips to past life regression and someone can go in this state. it is relaxed. how do you get somebody in a deep thought to go back to a past life. >> it is for tress reduction . i have them close their eyes and go to a relaxed place and i suggest we q. back in time. if i had you remember high school or junior high school it would be easy and going to past lives is similar . they will look at their feet and they will describe places. they are having these spontanously and traveling in a city and they know where
3:47 am
they are arund. a church that burned down and secret room . they lived there in a past life . >> gretchen: fascinatesing. miracles happen . thank you very much. >> thank you . >> gretchen: coming up on "fox and friends". >> we'll be taxed for four years the governments had bankrupted social security and medical care . >> gretchen: wait until you hear what she has to say when she joins us live. and we have seen david blain do stunts. what he will do now could take the cake. we'll let you know. ♪ ♪
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>> brian: a teacher assigned to a rubbber room treming life rubber room . he was pulled from the classroom for a bogus reasonn . he's steaming a video of how he's doing nothing but collecting $75,000 a year. no comment from the department of education . that's got to stop. honey is not supposed to be green or blue. thos what is happening in france and bee keepers believe they are eating resdue from a nearby m &m plant. that makes blue or green candy. >> steve: they melt in the hive. thank you, brian.
3:52 am
a doctor in illinois and her diagnosis of obama care. >> so let me get it straight. this is a long segment. we are gifted with a healthcare plan we are forced to purchase and fined if we don't which covering 10 million more people without a single new doctor to provide for 16,000 new irs agents and written by a committee whose chairman doesn't understand it and pass said by congress who didn't read it and exempted themselves from it and signed by a president who smokes. whose funding is administered by a treasurey chief who didn't pay his taxes which we will be taxed for four years before any benefits takes affect by a government that
3:53 am
bankrupted social security and medicare all by a surgeon general who is obese and financed by a counselry that is broke. [laughing] [applause] so what the blankk could possibly go wrongg in >> steve: what the blank could go wrong. that doctor is our guest this morn running for state senate in illinois 18th district. good morning, doctor. >> it is a fabulous friday with "fox and friends". >> steve: thank you, you are good with words and what we just showed is a clip from youtube that is viewed by over two million people and what you tryied to do is tried to define obama care in one long sentence. are you amazed that you are a viral sensation?
3:54 am
>> yes, and no, because i find that statement which was a preface to a longer manuscript which talks behind the seriousness of what it represented resonate wide people and they realize what is being scammed over here on us. we need to look at this. if i might add one of the tightest statements that governor romney has made. he said what the supreme court fail to do on their lastt day in session he will do on his first day in office and that is repeal obama care. >> steve: you are where you were taped and they wound up taping and you put on the internet. that a ryan-romney event and as a doctor people were interested in what you had to say. that tape was funny. but the seriousness of it, you are predicting under obama care five or 10 years from now. if a doctor is not working for the government, they won't be
3:55 am
a doctor anymore? >> i am surprised that you have heard that. i am speculating. it looks likelyy that you will be federally employed physician or you may not work as a physician and yess, i didn't know that was being taped and then to my surprise it was sent out and people identify with it. >> steve: sure. i am sure you are part of the 70 million americans who watched a couple of nights ago as mr. romney and obama were out in the stage in denver. obama care came up it was clear mitt romney on the first day would get rid of it? there is a good possibility that you know, it could stand. what is your biggest problem with obama care? >> oh, well, it is kind of a multiplicited. for me it represents the tip of the iceberg. it is the beginning of the
3:56 am
erosion of civil and religious liberties. but there are many factors. i believe that you know, it is going to be socialized medicine and we hear horror stories of socialized medicine has affected people's health and how sad the situation is in other countryies. and i believe this is just representing obama's failed socialistic experiment. >> steve: you are run nothing illinois because you would like to affect health care in illinois, right? >> yes, any opportunity to be involved to have it repealed and defunded and real reform introduced in the state level that would be my objective. >> steve: she is a former nun and army professor and physician as well. and wants to be in the state senate. thank you so much for joining us live. >> help me fight the chicago
3:57 am
machine. thank you >> chris: i've heard about that machine, thank you, doctor. we reached out to her opent in response to her new-found fame. we haven't heard from them. democrats are in damage control and resorted to calling mitt romney simply a liar. will the american people buy it? we'll report, you decide. and another season of duck dynasty and america's famous duck family is here live. >> what are you doing here today? >> i was thinking that we could. i was thinking -- [ male announcer ] wouldn't it be cool
3:58 am
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4:00 am
>> gretchen: hey, good morning. tgif, it's friday, october 5, 2012. i'm gretchen carlson. president obama has plans now to bounce back from his dismal debate performance the other night. >> governor romney may dance around his positions, but if you want to be president, you owe the american people the truth. >> gretchen: the question this morning is, who is the one really lying? we report. you decide. >> brian: al gore knows exactly why the president got battered by mitt romney. >> when you go to 5,000 feet -- >> exactly. >> and you only have a few hours to adjust. >> brian: makes total sense. wait until you hear what other democrats are saying. >> steve: they're living the american dream and taking it all the way to the bank.
4:01 am
america's favorite duck family here live today. "fox & friends," hour two for friday, starts right now. >> steve: when we talk about duck family, we're not talking about donald. we're talking about somebody else. you've seen him on tv, funny show. >> gretchen: they've been here before, too. >> steve: yeah. >> gretchen: the premiere of the duck callers. and they're back for a second season. >> brian: real quick, while we're talking about donald, we didn't discuss this yesterday, his name came up three or four times. >> steve: donald trump. >> gretchen: the president used it not great inn a good way. >> brian: right. mitt romney came back. it was so funny that they know he can shake the name donald trump. >> gretchen: we'll ask him about it next week. >> steve: sure. mitt romney, by all accounts, won decisively the big debate a couple nights ago. why? well, he very effectively proved that those hundreds of millions of dollars worth of ads
4:02 am
depicting him as a corporate pirate not true and he was very presidential. now, unfortunately for the democrats, they find she was in a ditch and rather than painting mr. romney as an extremist which they have done in the past, what they're doing is calling him a big fat liar. here is the director of communications for the dnc, brad woodhouse. >> there has been plenty of people pointed out what a liar mitt romney is and was last night. if he was talking, he was -- testifies speaking last night, he was lying. mitt romney had a good night, but, you know, even a blind squirrel gets a nut every now and then. >> brian: 09 minutes -- 90 minutes? that's like if off lucky question, that would be an apt analogy. but we don't even know any blind squirrels. >> gretchen: how will romney go on the response mode to these
4:03 am
attacks? he did so last night on the sean hannity program. here he is reacting to the president's damage control yesterday. >> i have watched some of the attacks that have come my way. you just shake your head. i do recall that the president's acceptance speech four years ago, he said that if you don't have a record to run on, you attack your opponent. you try and disqualify your opponent and early on in this campaign, there were democrats strategists, one in particular who said their campaign strategy was to kill romney. hopefully not literally. this kind of character assassination is something which i think has gone way too far and i think is an unfortunate part of this campaign and the president's part, i think it diminishes the white house. >> brian: mitt romney, i watched him last night and saw him during the day, he gave a speech, i heard him not spike the football. he's so low key about his tremendous performance. i just don't think there is a gene in his body to celebrate a big victory, his wealth, his success, and then that huge
4:04 am
pressure filled debate win. >> steve: right. >> brian: there is no danger of him ever overstating things about himself. >> steve: there is some danger for the democrats, though. if they try to continue to run those opposition ads, those negative ads about mr. romney, where they go, he wants to raise your taxes, he a couple of nights ago made an effective case, look, that's not true. those stories are not true. those things, mr. president, are not the case. so people are going, can we really trust them, which is really interesting that axelrod and company is coming up with the new defense that mitt romney is a liar, like axelrod and company is somebody we should trust? weren't they the people who came out with libya was not a spontaneous -- was a span takenious thing. they said the stimulus would keep unemployment rate by 5.3 at this point in the election cycle. they've got a lot of explaining to do. >> gretchen: that jobs report happens to be coming out today. some predictors now, it will be an hour and a half, saying unemployment will go back up,
4:05 am
maybe by a point. back to the debate, charles krauthammer, who is critical of romney last week saying he really needs to step it up and become more aggressive. then he was complimentary when he said he absolutely really won this debate hands down. here is his analysis now on president obama. >> it's what the french call the wit of the staircase, meaning the stuff that you wish you had said, all the witty remarks and rebuttals that you never said at the dinner, but you remember on the way out. so he had all these chances last night, which again shows that they doesn't have a good game when it comes to being quick and effective on his feet, he's trying to make up for it. >> brian: he had a huge crowd, though, 12,000 people showed up in denver and governor romney decide to go to virginia. meanwhile, al gore had an interesting take. he's been down this road before. he felt he won the debates, but his size and arrogance made him
4:06 am
perceived to be the loser in these debates. he wanted to use his expertise as the ceo of current magazine who last debated ten years ago and he thinks he knows why president obama seemed lack lust er. >> i'm going to say something controversial here. obama arrived in denver at 2:00 p.m. today just a few hours before the debate started. romney did his debate prep in denver. when you go to 5,000 feet -- >> exactly. >> -- and you only have a few hours to adjust -- >> that's interesting. >> -- i don't know. >> steve: i've got a scientific reason why he's wrong about that. denver is at 5,000 feet. air force one, the cabin pressure like all jet liners is set to 8,000 feet. sorry, al. >> gretchen: i think it points a bigger picture of how immediately there seemed to be
4:07 am
this spin about what could have possibly happened to president obama. instead of just -- bob woodward came on your radio show and said it had to be he must have gotten foreign policy information that must have thrown him all askew. it's like people coming up with all these reasonings instead of looking at it as it was, which were two men on stage talking about the economy and where this country is moving forward and that's what it was! so just judge it for what it was with two men on the stage. not altitude probes or foreign policy secrets. >> brian: it reminds me of this great band, the blues brothers, who found themselves in a pickle and had to lie their way out of it. tell me if this sounds familiar. >> you betrayed me! >> no, i didn't. honest! i ran out of gas! i had a flat tire! i didn't have money for cab fare. my tux didn't come back from the cleaners. a friend came from out of town.
4:08 am
there was a earthquake! a terrible flood! it wasn't my fault! i swear to god! >> brian: i just think that's e. that's very similar vein for what we're seeing right now. and i bought all those excuses and i'm buying these ones now. altitude and unexpected something got on my mind before that 90-minute debate. >> gretchen: maybe he hadn't bought a gift yet for michelle. >> steve: plus they were blaming jim lehrer, extraordinarily here is the guy who has done it a million times and they were trying to blame him for -- the reason it was so bad, really, they're not taking a shot at jim letter. they're taking a shot at martha readyic because she'll be the next moderator. >> brian: isn't candy crowley doing the one with the town hall. >> steve: both of them. but the point is, there you see the president's team, they certainly are staying classy, aren't they? they're blaming everybody but
4:09 am
the capped date. you look at mitt romney and they're just cruising along, yep, we're doing our job. stay classy, team obama. >> gretchen: let's do headlines. they spent more time getting there than on the ground actually. the f.b.i. agents finally arriving in benghazi, libya to investigate the terrorist attack on our consulate. the agents gathered what evidence was left and then they left just 12 hours later. the f.b.i. revealing little information except to say agents are working with the state, justice departments and libya's government. the f.b.i.'s visit was held up for weeks because of security concerns. we're less than 90 minutes away now, brand-new report on the economy that's going to be coming out. it could have a major effect on the presidential election. 8:30 a.m. eastern time, the labor department will release september's jobs report. the unemployment rate expected to inch up from 8.1%. the unemployment rate has been above 8% for the past 43 months straight. today's report will be the second to last report before the
4:10 am
election. the final report just four days before the election. new warning this morning, cdc says the outbreak of a rare and deadly form of meningitis will only get worse. the outbreak spreading to six states, leaving five people dead. 35 others are sick. it's linked to a steroid commonly used for back pain. it was shipped to 23 states. health officials suspect bacteria somehow got into the steroid which has been recalled. the drug's maker surrendered its license. david blane is preparing for his shocking new stunt. blane is planning on standing in the middle of a million volts of electric current for 72 hours. this stunt will take place in new york city. it will be open to the public and people will be able to take part by controlling the level of electricity being released on him. they'll be wearing a chain mail body suit like the one seen here
4:11 am
for a barrier to the electric current. i remember when he was in the water bubble for how many days? it was right at lincoln center, that one when he was inside the bubble under water, i guess, for a couple days. >> steve: i think he'll be okay as long as somebody doesn't go to shake his hand and complete a circuit. >> brian: i'm worried about the fans. straight ahead, it was a huge week, a huge part of the debate. president obama claiming mitt romney wants a $5 trillion tax cut. but romney denied that. who is telling the truth? a political panel is here just in time and they did the math. >> steve: yes, they are. and the duck dynasty back for a new season. first, america's favorite hunting family will be here live on the curvy couch. stick around. you're watching "fox & friends" for a busy friday hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol
4:12 am
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4:14 am
>> gretchen: one of the biggest sources of contention at the presidential debate claims of a $5 trillion tax cut. >> governor romney's proposal that he's been promoting for 18 months calls for a $5 trillion
4:15 am
tax cut. when you add up all the loopholes and deductions that upper income individuals are currently taking advantage of, you take those all away, you don't come close to paying for 5 trillion dollars in tax cuts. >> virtually everything you said about my tax plan is inaccurate. so if the tax plan he described were a tax plan i was asked to support, i'd say absolutely not. i'm not looking for a $5 trillion tax cut. what i've said is i won't put in place a tax cut that adds to the deficit. >> gretchen: who is telling the truth? let's ask our political panel, erin task, sheila bear, and fred malic. ladies first, sheila, who is telling the truth? >> well, i think mr. romney has said that the $5 trillion is a
4:16 am
ten-year cost of the tax cuts he wants to do if there is no offsetting way to capture the revenue. he said he's not going to support a tax cut that will add to the deficit. he hasn't filled in the blanks with how he'll be able to do that. i think there's a credibility issue, but where they can do these tax cuts and not add to the deficit. he hasn't spelled out the details. i think that's president-elect obama a broader problem with the romney messaging. there is not -- that's detail. i think they're hoping because the president's vulnerability on the economy, that's going to carry him to victory. i don't think it is. i think the voters want to know. >> gretchen: he did say the other night, fred, that to make up for that lost revenue, he would erase some of the loopholes. is what sheila saying he needs to get into more details than what he said the other night? >> i don't think he does need to. what he said is he's going to reduce tax rates, not reduce tax revenues. there is a huge difference in that. you reduce tax rates, you'll stimulate more job creation, stimulate more growth. that growth and that job
4:17 am
creation is going to lead to people paying taxes. we have a real problem with the middle class in this country with the incomes going down from 54 to $50,000. we got to get people back working, we got to get people in higher income rate paying jobs and that will produce more tax revenues, to insure against any kind of deficit, though, he is going to limit tax deductions, which will affect the rich more than anybody else. >> the number is wrong because romney hasn't put details on the plan and i think the president hurt himself by continuing to repeat that. i was in the room and i was tired of hearing him say $5 trillion and $2 trillion. he was losing the room every time he said it. the onus is on romney to say, 'cause romney said pick a number about where we're going to max out the deductions. he had said 17,000. he's got to put meat on the bones. >> gretchen: do you believe that the american public is sitting at home with their calculator going, i really want to know alt details for $5 trillion? >> they do want to know more. >> gretchen: or is it a surface discussion about raising taxes
4:18 am
or not? n they lay out broad contacts and come together. the exact opposite of what happened with obamacare where not a single republican in the house voted for it. it was jammed down the throats of the house and the american people. mitt romney will bring legislators of both parties together and work through the details and insure that we do reduce the deficit and reduce the national debt. the only thing true about the $5 trillion number, gretchen, is the $5 trillion was added to our national debt under barak obama. >> that is true. >> gretchen: panel, stick around because we have another topic. two more banks could be listed as too big to fail, so is more government regulation the way to prevent another economic crisis? then forget honoring her country. there is one democratic law maker refuse to go say the pledge of allegiance. why? because she considers it a prayer. does that make sense to you? we'll explain. right back jack, you're a little boring.
4:19 am
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4:22 am
>> outside with the goo goo clusters band. it's time for your news by the numbers. first, $430 million. it's being called one of the biggest health care fraud busts on record. 91 people charged for $430 million in bogus medicare bills. if only he was singing about bogus medicare bills. 67.2 million people, that's how many people watched the debate. fox news, the top cable network for the debate with 10.4 million viewers. and last, 100. the goo goo cluster, the classic southern candy celebrating its 100th birthday. it's the combination candy bar in history. the first one. it's got in there chocolate
4:23 am
carmel, peanuts and marshmallows, we're handing them out in front of our studio. they're singing about it. gretch, back in to you on this goo goo cluster centennial. >> gretchen: all right. nothing like a good sugar high on a friday. right? bring some of those back in here. let's talk a little bit about dodd frank. the dodd frank bill, a measure passed in 2010 in response to the banking crisis. it made a cameo appearance in wednesday night's debate with candidates clashing over whether the financial overhaul goes too far in its regulation of wall street or not far enough. >> dodd frank was passed and it includes within it a number of provisions that i think has some unintended consequences that are harmful to the economy. one is it designates a number of banks as too big to fail. they're effectively guaranteed by the federal government. this is the biggest kiss that's been given to new york banks i've ever seen. >> governor romney says he wants to repeal dodd frank, pull it back. so the question is, does anybody out there think that the big
4:24 am
problem we had is that there was too much oversite in regulation of wall street? >> gretchen: now that we're hearing that two more firms may be designated as too big to fail s more government regulation really the way to prevent another crisis? our political panel is back, erin task, sheila bair and fred malic. all right. i want to start with sheila again only because you were part of writing dodd frank with the treasury secretary, tim geithner. what did you argue for and what did he want? >> we argued for a ban on bailouts and we were successful and we did have a disagreement with secretary geithner on this. their original white paper they put forward did allow for flexibility on bailouts and i think that's one of the reasons dodd frank ended up with this change. the designation process that i assume governor romney was referring to, it's a penalty box. it's not a too big to fail mandate. it says we think you're risky, we think you're dangerous, we're going to put higher capital requirements on, we're going to force you to file a plan with us
4:25 am
that shows us you can be resolved in bankruptcy without hurting the broader economy. if they can't make that determination, then they can be broken up by the regulators. so there is a specific ban on bailouts in what's called title 2 of dodd frank. we worked very hard on that. >> gretchen: tim geithner wanted more bailout flexibility. erin, you don't buy this? >> i don't. i have tremendous respect for what she did. all of us as taxpayers owe her a debt of gratitude, but i don't believe there is going to be a boilout if a huge bank gets into trouble. i think it's easier to say we're going to unwind they have and they have these living wills and the fed has resolution fashion. i think it will be incredibly difficult to do. look what the fed is doing now with easing and they're saying, we're going to do everything we can to help the banks and they're healthy relatively speaking right now, and if they get into trouble, i think they'll crank up the printing presses even more, do what they can to keep it together, like this did in 2008. >> gretchen: i thought one of the effective things that mitt romney said, fred, the other night was that he didn't say let's get rid of all regulation,
4:26 am
right? i thought that was very interesting because he said we need some regulation, but he also pointed out that some of these smaller banks, they're what really suffered during the whole bailout process. these community banks, right? >> absolutely. my main role in life in the hotel industry, my group, we build, we manage and we buy hotels. we deal with these smaller banks anhe larger banks as well. it's not just dodd frank, but it's the way the regulators are behaving. they're taking a penalizing accusatory position that inhibits taking risks, that inhibits lending, that inhibits job growth. we got to get back to creating jobs and the way to do that is to stimulate and encourage these small and community banks to agreement that's what's going to grow the economy. >> the small banks also don't have the access that the capital markets that the big banks have in part because the financial markets believe the big banks are too big to fail and they have the implicit back of the government.
4:27 am
>> defending costs have been reduced. the implied government support has been he do you said for big banks. but i agree with you. i think dodd frank tries to protect little banks, but the way the regulators are implementing it, they are hammering the little banks and that is hurting the little banks. >> it inhibits growth with the larger banks as well. they're spending a lot of time complying with regulation these days and they're risk averse. >> the regulation hasn't been written yet. >> gretchen: i got to wrap it up. have a fantastic weekend. thank you for joining us. a tv movie details the raid that took out osama bin laden will air two days before the election. the film maker, a huge obama supporter. coincidence? then actress daryl hannah making a splash in jail? how the keystone pipeline got daryl hannah busted? wealsman that one. we'll explain that one [ female announcer ] a classic meatloaf recipe from stouffer's
4:28 am
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4:31 am
>> obama supporters were livid. oh, my god. did you see chris matthewer after the debate? i mean, he was just going crazy. look, show them. >> we have our knives out. we go after the people and the facts. what was he doing tonight? he went in there disarmed. why didn't obama -- >> brian: i've never seen someone have a melt down on camera like that. he recommend the president watch his show. >> steve: because they talk about things the way the president should be over on that other channel. you got to figure since the romneys had such a good debate and the president had such a bad one, which direction are they going to go from here on out?
4:32 am
the worry is, among some on the left, they'll pull out all the stops, go completely negative, next thing you know, that has the potential to backfire on the president if he doesn't act presidential and stay above the fray. but we are talking about chicago and they certainly have had a dirty campaign thus far. will it continue? you be the judge. >> brian: now your headlines. nothing to do with politics, but -- >> the hbt is osama bin laden. >> brian: controversial movie about osama bin laden, the raid will air on tv just two days before the election. the national geographic channel will air "seal team 6" distributed by the weinstein company. remember, its ceo chairman is a big supporter of president obama. the channel claims the air date was picked to help promote the start of the fall season. really? >> steve: sure. >> brian: doesn't the fall season start in the fall? >> steve: i'm sure that's just a
4:33 am
coincidence that it's before the election. meanwhile, daryl hannah making a splash in jail. cops in texas arrested her while she was protesting the keystone pipeline. hannah was joined by a 78-year-old property owner whose land was taken by eminent domain for the project. the two reportedly stood in front of god clearing equipment, probably a bulldozer to stop works from moving forward. both have been charged with trespassing. not a bad mug shot. >> brian: good looking mug shot. >> gretchen: democratic pennsylvania law maker refusing to lead her fellow house members in the fledge of allegiance because she considers the pledge a prayer? >> i do not pledge the flag based on my first amendment rights and the fact that i really think it's a prayer and i don't pray in public. >> gretchen: she claims the words under god, make it a prayer. she refuses to apologize after an awkward pause, she called on
4:34 am
another member to lead the group in the pledge. >> steve: i wond for she refuses to use money because it has, in god we trust" on it. >> brian: she uses the barter system. like my toaster? i'd like a meal. stolen puppy is found safe and sound and reunited with a very happy little girl in california. ten-year-old marissa came home from school to the best possible surprise ever. her puppy went missing after burglars ransacked her family's house earlier this week. he was found wednesday in a parking lot about 80 miles away. >> thank you so everybody who made this happen. i just can't believe he's in my arms now. i thought it would be going on forever. >> brian: the little girl offered the contents of her piggy bank as a reward for behinding him. the police added $6,000 to the pot. >> steve: it all ended well.
4:35 am
meanwhile, let's look at the bay ahead weather wise. we got the doppler and 48 connected staith and radar to show where you it is raining. the heaviest stuff moving through portion of the great lake states, down through indiana, moving into western portions of ohio, back through illinois and missouri. also a little action along the panhandle of florida and the florida keys. otherwise much of the country is nice and dry. currently it is cold out west. montana, 28. little warmer than that in rapid city. they got 30. denver, a little warmer than that. they've got 32. it doesn't feel like the first week in october out there, but it is. 62 in cleveland and new york city and about the same for much of dixie land. let's take a look at the daytime highs. it will be chilly up in portions of the northern plains. 47 the high in rapid city. we'll have 82 in raleigh and 90 today in san antonio. meanwhile, as part of the ails
4:36 am
apprentice program here at fox news, we're putting together a special series celebrating hispanic heritage month. this week we traveled to mexico city to bring you the story of a most remarkable man, a senior researcher at hewlett packard. he brought his beautiful mind to america where he's achieved success of a highest order, but he never forgot where he came from or the kind of world he wants to leave behind. once again, alicia acunia has his story. ♪ . >> i was born here in mexico city. it's fascinating. it's the capital of the aztecs. this means the heart of the unique world. you feel that sense of proud, of doing something important. not for myself but for society, for humanity, for the world.
4:37 am
>> he uses interindicate numbers and baffling equations to solve some of the world's trickiest problems. >> it is beauty in math. it's like -- it is the purest of thought and in a way, it's the language of nature, the language of god. many people think that math is just accounting and that's part of it, but the full part is it's about patterns, about learning how things work. so at some point the math is talking to you in a way that you didn't expect, so is what i love. it's a sense of fulfillment, which is quite unique. it's a sense of satisfaction that i cannot describe. it's the eureka. oh, i got it.
4:38 am
>> the youngest of five, he was an unexpected but welcome surprise to a house filled with four older sisters. >> they always wanted boy, so when they -- my mother learned that i was coming, she was so proud. my sister, they were teen-agers. they were kind of mother. the baby is yours, so we are going to take you out in the street so everybody knows. >> with so much promise in the air action the unthinkable happened when he was just three years old. first came the high fever and then he started to lose the feelings in his legs. >> i used to say that i was blessed with polio and for my parents, it was really devastating. i have memories, when i was in bed, what is he doing? he lost his leg. i couldn't understand what is happening, but i was getting this feeling of love. we're with you and that was sustained throughout my life. >> with the support of friends and family, he used the loss to
4:39 am
his advantage. as a teen-ager, he needed surgery to insert a rod in his spine. bedridden, his parents hired a tutor who discovered his gift with numbers. math became his obsession when he wasn't racing around in a wheelchair. >> we broke about five wheelchairs. the owner of the wheelchair came here and said, i'm not going to rent wheelchairs for you anymore. that's the kind of attitude. i never felt as a victim. i always felt that this is an opportunity. this is special. >> those friendships remain strong today, when he returns to the neighborhood, the band gets back together. ♪ . >> there is a saying that when god close a doors he always opens a door. and a big window, i always say, god took my legs, but he gave me the wings of imagination.
4:40 am
>> he inspired me because of his brain, his imagination and his will. >> that will eventually drove him to the u.s. where he caught the eye of bill hewlett and dave packard. >> at that time i was a mathematician and hp was revolutionized. it was so refreshing to see that attitude. the whole environment in hp of freedom, of thinking. the assumption is that sometimes we are going to fade. that's what makes this fascinating because the road is not made. you are making a road. sometimes you take the road back, but you correct it and you reach your goal. >> at hp, he's done innovative work inside the health care and transportation industries, creating models to make them more operational and efficient.
4:41 am
but it's his work on the outside nurturing future mathematicians and researchers that is solidifying his legacy. >> we have stories of difficult lives who achieve a goal. what's not so common is to find people who want to give in that way back and he wants to just be part of that to help that happen. >> i am not a religious person, but i start thinking, hey, this math can be applied to create better world. i want to make a difference to hp and make a difference in society, create a better world. >> steve: what a life. he continues to give back to mexico and throughout latin america where he was brought up. over 100 men and women to hewlett packard for training and internships. very nicely done. next week the feisty puerto rican girl who changed the way hollywood looked at latinos.
4:42 am
rita moreno's seen it all. she'll share her story and how she broke through next friday. to see more stories celebrating hispanic heritage month, go to fox news very nicely done. >> gretchen: coming up on "fox & friends," another delay in the trial for the mastermind of the 9-11 attacks. why? because his lawyers don't want to move work spaces. >> brian: incredible. dynasty is back for a new season. first, america's favorite hunting family will be here live on the curvy couch to talk about that season. >> steve: i can't see them. they're all in camouflage. >> brian: beards and all. [ male announcer ] this is rudy. his morninstarts with arthritis pain.
4:43 am
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4:45 am
>> brian: big news, in 40 minutes, the unemployment report for september will come out and economists are not predicting good news for the country. for more we turn to nonother than "fox business" network host liz claman, she's in ohio where all eyes and so much focus has been. liz, what do you expect today? >> well, you know what? it's what the economists expect and what we see is a gain of about 110,000 jobs, from 110 to 115,000 jobs.
4:46 am
in essence, that's not very strong. you really need to see job gains of 250,000 per month to see the unemployment rate tick down. we are expecting the unemployment rate to tick up just a tenth of a percent to 8.2%. right now it's at 8.1%. but the big question becomes, what will generate jobs? the federal reserve, ben bernanke, trying to jump in, adding more stimulus. we'll see if that starts to work its way through the system. once again, brian, people would love to see stronger jobs. what we did see, though, yesterday, was what's called the not -- you see people stand in line for unemployment and what did we see? it looked much better than expected. fewer people stood in line for first-time jobless claims. so that's why our stock market at least in part started to move higher. gave lift to feelings that things might be starting to get a little better. but one month does not a trend make, as we like to say. >> brian: ohio is under the national average in terms of unemployment. yesterday i understand you talked to one business that is bringing jobs and visitors to
4:47 am
downtown. right? >> 1600 jobs. you see the barges moving behind me here, skyline of cleveland and yes, there is a company called horseshoe casino that convinced this state to rewrite its actual constitution because they really truly wanted the jobs and they have come -- we had an opportunity to speak with marcus glover, senior vice president of the company. it's doing very well. here is what he had to say about why he picked cleveland. >> it's a great city. i always say the city is severely undersold. dollar lot of national attractions here, lot of great things going on downtown, three professional sports teams, great culinary, thriving culinary offering a, number two performing arts theater district. so when you combine all of those great assets together and then casino is a piece of that puzzle, we feel we have a compelling offering a here in cleveland, ohio.
4:48 am
>> the great state of ohio, fox business has been profiling it all day yesterday. today we are live once again. all day, 3:00 p.m. eastern, a biggest, toby dozen grove. you heard mitt romney and president obama mentioning the clinic as a great model for health care. we have beth mooney, ceo of key corp., and a business that was so good, warren buffet bought it. we have the chairman and ceo. but brian, remember, i love cleveland. i worked here in television. so did gretchen. and it's a great state and a go american city open for business. >> brian: absolutely. by the way, the browns are playing the giants this week. we want them o have success. is this the first time we're on television together? has it been worth the wait? >> it really has. my anticipation, i started hyper ventilating thinking i got to talk to brian kilmeade and i got very excited. >> brian: it's a natural reaction. don't fault yourself. liz, thanks so much. look forward to your reports all
4:49 am
day. >> thank you. why do you guys laugh? why couldn't she be telling the truth and having a natural reaction? it's another season of "duck dynasty" and america's favorite duck people is here live. first, on this day in 1971 "maggie may" by rod stewart was the number one song. he once had long blond hair and then he married a lot of blonds with long blond hair. [ male announcer ] in blind taste tests, even ragu users chose prego. prego?! but i've bought ragu for years. [ thinking ] woer what other questionable choices i've made? i choose date number 2! whooo! [ sigh of relf ] [ male announcer ] choose taste. choose prego.
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4:52 am
>> steve: walk, quack, quack, they're back. it's not just their businesses they're chaperoning.
4:53 am
>> i'm doing okay. >> hey, buddy. >> this is emily. >> i know emily. you remember emily? >> nope. >> he forgets everything. what are y'all doing today? >> i was thinking that we could -- i was thinking we were going to -- we could take the boat out and try to -- i was just going to take it out on the river. >> steve: don't do it. >> gretchen: season 2 of "duck tine see" returns and here from the robertson clan, phil, kay and cy. welcome back. seems like you were just here for the first season. the show was a success, right? >> about me. >> gretchen: that's right. >> brian: our memory is better than yours. >> steve: it looks like in season 2 you kind of do dr. phil stuff where do you interpersonal relationships with members of the family? >> yeah. the grandkids, take them out. we're going fishing, grandpa.
4:54 am
i'm like, i'm -- my grandson, his little girl, i'm like, i think i'll go with you. >> brian: you were young once. >> that's why he wanted to go, because he was young. >> steve: what's your worst fear? n my worst fear would be chlamydia. >> steve: never mind. i was thinking alligators. >> brian: that wasn't in the preinterview! >> gretchen: uncle cy was in the preinterview and here he is. you are the younger brother of phil? >> yes, ma'am. >> gretchen: did you guys plan to look as much alike? have you always looked this much alike? >> no, they were just not like this. >> we accent our growing beards. it's doing that on its own. >> gretchen: what do you mean by that? >> when i met them, they both had crew cuts. >> gretchen: they were like yuppies, right? >> i would never call them that. country boys. >> brian: you were a quarterback
4:55 am
in college! you were ahead of terry bradshaw! >> who would have thought it? >> brian: your career is going better than his right now, i think. >> he went after the bucks, i said i'll run after the ducks. running after violent men seemed for stressful. >> brian: it was more stressful. he was a heck of an athlete. >> i ended up here with you hunting ducks. >> steve: your family has made a fortune on duck calls. luckily the average person can't do it. >> business is real good. >> gretchen: let's take a look. can we watch a clip of the show? 'cause i want to see cy in action. >> in vietnam, though, kids drive, they start driving about 7 years old. so driving is not a big thing. in nam, they let kids drive when they're seven years old. i watched a kid drive a scooter. they got dogs driving, bears driving. they get a mopad.
4:56 am
>> steve: cy is having a flashback to nam. you say 95% of your stories are accurate. >> 95% are true. i just told 5% for spite. >> steve: do you have something special for us before you all leave? >> yes, i do. our son, willie, just created a duck commander -- it's about the whole family. that's what it's about. it talks about our roots from being so poor to having a tv show like we have now. >> steve: no kidding. >> a company that's going out the roof. we get recognized everywhere. >> steve: i bet you do. even here in new york city. >> not as much here, but yes, we do get recognized. >> brian: is it great to be in america? this is an american success story. >> start out with a duck call. one duck call. by the way, they said, you didn't build that. barak said that.
4:57 am
i'm thinking, we're on a dirt road at the end, dead end road, there were no bridges. you got stuck getting in there. one duck call, trust me. >> brian: you did build that. >> yeah! >> my boys came down every day and sat down and packaged duck calls. i never saw my wall in my bedroom for ten years, full of duck calls. >> steve: duck calls -- all right. on the duck calls. check out "duck dynasty" october 10 premiere. thank you very much. >> brian: democrats are on another note, democrats are doing damage control after the president's debate flops. are the american people buying their excuses? geraldo rivera is here and he's a nice guy. he's got a mustache hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios
4:58 am
4:59 am
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use caution when driving or operating machinery. common side effects include nausea, trouble sleeping and unusual dreams. with chantix and with the support system it worked. it worked for me. [ male announcer ] ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. >> gretchen: good morning, everyone. it's friday, october 5. i'm brief gretch. thanks for sharing your day with us today. we're 32 days away electric the election. the biggest issue, jobs. so are we in a recovery or are things getting worse? new employment numbers just 30 minutes away from now. >> steve: and so much for taking the high road. democrats on the attack after a dismal performance by the president. >> there has been plenty of people pointed out what a liar mitt romney is and was last night. >> steve: so that's a new tact. they're going to call mitt romney a big fat liar. could this tactic end up backfiring and hurting the president more than helping? geraldo will be with us in two
5:01 am
minutes. >> brian: sex offenders suing for their right to hand out halloween candy. they say freedom of speech. you kidding? we'll and that story and more in the final hour of the week on "fox & friends." it starts right now. ♪ . >> gretchen: that is the voice of a child. that is jackie vanco. she's been here before and she's got a new cd out and will be here live in 50 minutes from now. "america's got talent" is where she made her mark. >> steve: geraldo will be with us. he was just dancing to her music. >> brian: swaying. we got to get there.
5:02 am
first, tell us what's happening in business. >> gretchen: we have a fox business alert now because we're less than 30 minutes away from two numbers that could make or break the president's chances for election. 8:30 a.m. eastern time this morningness the labor department is going to release september's unemployment rate. it was 8.1% in august. it's been over 8% for the last 43 months. we will learn how many jobs were created last month. we may have to wait longer now to bring the suspected mastermind of the terrorist attacks to justice. the trial for khalid sheikh mohammed slated to start may be delayed because of mold and rats? defense lawyers say their offices at guantanamo bay are filled with both and they're getting sick. repairs are taking place, but khalid sheikh mohammed's lawyers say the case should be postponed. respond to that request. building trust with communities is more important than fighting illegal immigration. the los angeles police department seems to think so.
5:03 am
the l.a.p.d says it will stop turning illegals busted for minor offenses over to authorities to be deported. the police chief says it's a smart way to focus on more serious crime. critics say l.a. has no right to ignore current federal law. the decision expected to affect 400 illegals each year who would be eligible for deportation. hero's welcome home for a soldier injured in afghanistan. army staff sergeant travis mills being honored as the grand marshall of his hometown's high school homecoming parade. he's been recovering in washington, d.c. since a bomb explosion cost him his arms and legs in afghanistan. he just returned hem to his family in michigan this week. >> i'm a fighter and she's going to see you can get through things. she would grab my hands and we'll walk around together. i can feel that pressure going through on my elbow.
5:04 am
i tear up. >> gretchen: mills will be returning to washington, d.c. for six more months of rehabilitation. >> brian: what a great turnout from that town. let's bring in geraldo rivera. >> good morning. my biggest fear. >> brian: what is your biggest fear? >> gretchen: i don't think we're going to go down that path. >> steve: how about this -- >> the prosecute interview, that was the greatest line ever. >> steve: the president of the united states a couple nights ago had an awful -- >> you don't want to make a duck sound? >> steve: he had an awful debate. now what they're doing, the democrats, they've decided we've got a new strategy. rather than painting mitt romney as an extremist, we're going to call him a liar. here is the head of the dnc communications department. listen. >> there has been plenty of people pointed out what a liar mitt romney is and was last night. i mean, testifies talking -- if he was speaking last night, he was lying. look, mitt romney had a good night. but, you know, even a blind
5:05 am
squirrel gets a nut every now and then. >> steve: so that's the best they can do? >> it's not very good. you know, when he came out, when the president came out and he came out with that classic strut that he uses sometimes and my wife busted. she said, i don't like when you do it and i don't like when he does it. that kind of dashing walk. >> brian: why? >> because it's like i'm macho and i'm posturing, absolutely fake. i thought the telling moment happened almost immediately because it was his 20th anniversary with michelle. he has been in this presidential bubble where adoring crowds generally speaking have greeted his every utterance, particularly about his family and his love. and there was the love of his life, 20th anniversary, he made reference to it. he expected a reverencial response by the crowd who -- so it landed like a lead balloon. it was a pitcher throws the first pitch of the game and the
5:06 am
guy hits a homerun. he's got to recover. the pitcher has to recoverment i don't think the president -- >> steve: romney had a comment and he got giggles out of the crowd. >> i thought that really the -- first of all, i have to say in honesty, remember, i am totally uncommitted, undecided voter and i didn't judge the president performance quite as harshly as most critics did. i think perception is reality. perception now is that romney won in a out. i saw it at one point, i even tweeted, i love both these guys because i thought either -- that was the message i got, at least from the first hour of the debate, either of these men totally qualified to be president of the united states. you would be proud to have either -- >> steve: that's a clear choice now. >> there is a clear choice, right. but certainly clears the bar. so i watched it with less edge perhaps than a partisan observer and i called it much closer than most people. i called it 6-5 romney and that's what i tweeted. >> gretchen: even democrats called it a rout for the most
5:07 am
part. >> as the days go by, it becomes more and more and the legend now and the legend becomes the fact is that romney won and now he's got all of the momentum and the president really is on the ropes and he's got to come off and start swinging. the tactic they have taken now is this disparaging, much rougher edge than the president took during the debate. >> brian: very true. see if the president will bounce back. i think there is more pressure on the president to show he has answers because his ads are tough, but he's not tough. >> maybe he just doesn't have the ability to go toe to toe anymore. >> brian: that's what howard fiennesman said. >> if he ever had it. >> brian: let's talk about benghazi real quick. foreign policy will be coming up next. benghazi, f.b.i. goes there for 24 hours after three weeks and leaves right away. why are they leading the investigation? what is going on there? does this outrage you? >> there are many, many things going on. as you know, they arrested two
5:08 am
tunisian suspects at a turkish airport yesterday. they have would foreigners who were in libya allegedly at the time of the attack and they believe placed some role. so they are beginning to get an understanding of the dimension of the conspiracy, the al-qaeda conspiracy to kill ambassador stevens and the three brave hero colleagues in benghazi. so they are getting -- the libyans have a pretty fair idea of who did this. >> brian: you like the pace of this? >> the pace of it is frustrating. i am bitterly frustrated by the snail's pace of it. but you know, they did not want to compound the tragedy by sending the f.b.i. in there and getting one of them snagged or one of them killed. >> steve: there were documents all overt floor! >> the cnn reporters and others did a fine job of going through the remains there and taking ambassador stevens' notebook and everything else and so forensically, the site has already been compromised to a
5:09 am
great extent. but the investigation is proceeding. we know and will know who did this. the question then becomes much more complex, what do you do about it? now you have this bubble, pro-american sentiment in libya. you have the anti-militia demonstrations going on. how do we attack now the people who did this to our people without turning that -- >> gretchen: so many unanswered questions because it was safe enough to leave our ambassador there without security, but not safe enough to have the f.b.i. come in to investigate until two weeks later. >> it was obviously not safe to have him there and i think the state department and the obama administration really owes the american people a full, frank revelation of what they knew, when they knew it -- >> steve: before the election. >> before the election. >> gretchen: maybe it will come up in the next debate when they talk about foreign affairs. >> it should and i'm positive that mitt romney will be extremely prepared and will take it to the president, what did you know on tuesday? what did you know on wednesday or thursday? >> brian: also the town hall format. i think it works for the president.
5:10 am
>> steve: okay. foreign affairs, i'm sure you've had a couple, geraldo. >> gretchen: whoa! that was not on the card either! that was in the book, not on the card. see you later. al gore knows exactly why the president got battered by mitt romney. did you hear this one? >> when you go to 5,000 feet -- >> exactly -- and you only have a few hours to adjust did she. >> gretchen: altitude? >> steve: the most awesome story you'll hear all day, a dog slips out of his house, starts running. where does he go? he winds up outside the hospital where his owner is being treated. how in the world did the dog know? the story straight ahead this happy couple used capital one venture miles
5:11 am
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request your free decision guide. call or go online today. after all, when you're going the distance, it's nice to have the experience and commitment to go along with you. keep dreaming. keep doing. go long. >> steve: after a widely criticized debate performance wednesday night, the president and his supporters wasted no time launching into damage control. so are they trying to rewrite history or is it just politics as usual? fox news legal analyst peter johnson, jr. is here. >> good morning. this is the biggest case of spilled milk. the losers lament that i've ever heard in my life. everyone is pointing fingers. wasn't the president's fault.
5:14 am
>> steve: no! >> it was everybody else's fault. lehrer, we thought he would be in the tank for us. he wasn't. he let mitt romney talk, big failure for him. so he's trashed in the "new york times" today. he's done. now we have phony fact checks. everything romney said was wrong. he's not a real debater. he's a performer. the guy he said was a stiff has become ronald reagan, john wayne combined. so he's a tremendous performer. the president was thinking about something else. he was distracted. the altitude was too high for him. even though he gave his acceptance speech four years ago in denver and didn't have a problem with the altitude. we have one excuse after the another. now on the stump, the president is doing the clint eastwood routine. he's talking to the chair. he's talking to the empty chair and mitt romney. he had an opportunity to speak to mitt romney the other night. instead, he looked dejected, bored, tortured, upset,
5:15 am
distracted, tired, confused. not really quite understanding what was going on. now we have this big construction that we got it all wrong. we didn't really see what we saw the other night. >> steve: you know, and it was very telling when people finally were able to see the two of them on the stage together because the main stream media has been pushing this narrative, oh, that mitt romney seen screen left, he's such a robot. he's such a stooge. we saw him, he was a charming guy, good humor. >> and the american -- >> very presidential! >> the american people overwhelmingly thought mitt romney won the debate. >> steve: we got a poll. let's look. >> the poll says what? 67% thought mitt romney won two-thirds. >> but the lament is becoming, we didn't know he was going to be likeable or warm. we didn't know that's going to be compassionate. we didn't know that he was going to look trustworthy. we didn't know he had all these policies before. this is all new to us. we weren't prepared for this.
5:16 am
what are we going to do? we're going to come out and attack him. he talked about it this morning. we're going to see, i believe, the hugest campaign of character assassination in american history that's going to go forward. i also predict it's going to backfire because the people that i spoke to yesterday, and i asked a lot of people and it's not scientific and especially some women, including my wife who is very smart. she said, you know, he's got a lot of class. this guy has a lot of class. mitt romney. and that came through. he was reasonable. he was calm. now we have the deconstruction. we have liberals heads being blown off the top and even the liberals embarrassed by him, jumping ship in a way that says, maybe we really weren't that interested in him to begin with. why are they jumping so quickly? >> steve: because they want to win and it's team chicago. you know chicago policy tinks are very dirty. so you can -- >> dirtiest politics.
5:17 am
>> steve: they're going to do their best to trash him and we saw stage one yesterday where, okay, we're going to shift from he's an extremist, mitt romney is, to he's a big fat liar. we saw him on the stage and he very effectively debunked a lot of lies the president and his people have put out. >> moving on to foreign policy, there is a lot to talk about that. i'd like to hear what the excuses are after that. this is a new era in presidential politics in this country. we're talking about the issues. we're not trash talking. i think they expected trash talking and mitt romney talked about specifics, substance, statistics, facts, concepts, a way out, a path towards the future. and they were off guard. >> steve: all right. peter johnson, jr. your wife had good analysis. next time -- >> i'll bring her. i'll bring the girls. i'll bring everybody. i'll bring your family, too. >> steve: all right. thank you very much. straight ahead, sex offenders suing for the right to hand out halloween candy to children.
5:18 am
they say it's freedom of speech. really? judge jeanine pirro on the case. our next guest is living proof it's never too late to fulfill your dream. wait until you hear what good guess, a world war ii veteran is doing. it will warm your heart [ mother ] you can't leave the table till you finish your vegetables. [ clock ticking ] [ male announcer ] there's a better way... v8 v-fusion. vegetable nutrition they need, fruit taste they love. could've had a v8...
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5:21 am
>> brian: here we go. 15 minutes away from the monthly up employment report. right now, the unhe employment rate stands at 8.1%. experts say it could inch up to 8.2. this is the second to last report before the presidential
5:22 am
election on november 6. and the cdc warning the outbreak of a deadly -- rare and deadly form of meningitis will only get worse? it's spread to six states, leaving five people dead and at least 35 others sick. it's linked to a steroid commonly used for back pain. the medication was shipped to 23 states between july and september. >> gretchen: they risked their lives fighting for our freedom, but sometimes our women in uniform don't get the attention they deserve. that's about to change. this weekend, 50 female veterans will make history competing for beauty, poise and patriotism and a crown at the miss veteran america packagents. joining us is one of the competitors, 89-year-old gladys hughes. you look amazing. >> thank you. >> gretchen: i don't with you want to enter this pageant? >> why not? i'm a veteran and i saw a good cause, you know, to help the homeless veterans, women, and i thought this is just the thing
5:23 am
to do. a new experience. >> steve: sure. now, tell us about the trip to the post office. >> oh, that was a long time ago. i went to the post office and i saw this big poster outside and you know the girl on there looks sort of like me and i thought, maybe i should join the service, too. i went in to the post office and signed up. >> steve: just right on the spot. how old are you in that picture there? >> probably 20. >> steve: all right. >> 19 or 20. >> brian: how did it change your life? >> so much. i was in the service. i felt like i was doing what i should be doing at the time 'cause the summer before i had been throwing mail bags for united airlines when i was between -- in college. so after that i decided, well, i think i better do something important. >> steve: you did. >> i hope i did. >> steve: you absolutely did.
5:24 am
>> gretchen: you served in world war ii. what was your role? >> i was in the medics. i took care of a lot of patients with pneumonia. gave them pencillen shots every four here's. i worked in sick bay, the young boys, just recruits coming up in new york. i was stationed in brooklyn and we had to be in our jobs and mine was in the sick bay. >> brian: what would it mean for you to become the first ever miss veteran america? >> well, i have a lot of competition to go through before i would ever be that, my goodness. we have to do our interviews and our military history and our talent and our evening gown. no bathing suits. [ laughter ] >> gretchen: what are you going to do for talent? >> well, i flew around the theater a great deal on stage where our little theater group is in my town. and so i will be doing a human
5:25 am
humor ous and serious selection. >> steve: that will be this weekend in arlington, virginia, where the festivities are being held. thanks for stopping by and for your service and good luck this weekend. >> thank you so much. i appreciate you having me and it's been a pleasure to meet you. >> steve: thank you. >> gretchen: up next, big news on the economy. brand-new unemployment numbers that could have an effect on the presidential race. we'll have them live. >> brian: then the dangers of being a public defender if your client doesn't like his sentence, he might punch you in the face. >> steve: like that foot?" "who thinks about stuff like that?"
5:26 am
"vince mahe grew up on two continents... and noticed that wherever you go, people have their hands full, but their feet free." "the result? a liftgate you operate with your foot." "code name?" "open sesame" "the all new twenty thirteen ford escape. it's what happens when you go further."
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>> steve: we are about to get some breaking news that could reshape the entire presidential race. >> gretchen: brand-new monthly jobless numbers about to be released and we want to hand over our coverage now to stuart varney at the "fox business" network. he'll bring you the latest. >> good morning, everyone. welcome to the special report. the september employment report is due out 50 secretaries from now. it is the -- there is ohm one more of these reports before the election. the key point here is what is the unemployment rate? how many new jobs were created? did people drop out of the labor force as they did in the month of august? remember, over 350,000 people just dropped out of the labor force in august. that allowed the unemployment rate to stay just above 8%. clearly this is a politically charged report. as i said, there is only one more employment report before the big election november 6. so this has key importance for
5:30 am
both campaigns. what will we see? they use an atomic clock at the labor department to figure out exactly when 8:30 arrives. we're literally a few seconds away. you get the news right at 8:30. here we go. peter barns in washington. the rate and the new jobs number. >> the unemployment rate tumbles to 7.8% in september, an unexpected drop from 8.1% in august. and that 7.8% is the same rate as january 2009 when president obama took office. nonfarm payrolls rose by 114,000 in september. about as expected. 104,000 of those in the private sector. 10,000 of those were government jobs. the unemployment rate fell sharply because in the survey of households that the labor department does, it's more volatile, according to economists here. it includes people working at home who are self-employed,
5:31 am
agriculture workers, independent contractors, that rose -- the number of people in that survey who found work in september rose by 873,000. the biggest monthly increase since june of 1983. again, economists here point out that the monthly survey of households is more volatile than the smaller -- it's a smaller survey than the workplace survey. >> i don't know whether you can hear me or not, but i take it then that the number of people in the work force rose. is that correct? >> it did. the labor force participation rate that we always watch inched up in september to 63.6% and that was just up one tenths of 1% from august, which was the lowest in three decades. >> peter barns, directly with the news. thank you very much. i'm joined by charles payne, my colleague. that was a shock, down to -- no. to you, it was not a shock, was
5:32 am
it? >> some people will be very cynical that a government number will come out this great on the eve of the election. obviously it's better news. we got to go through the report more, stewart, but participation rate is still extraordinarily low. if it was at the level that it was when obama came into office, we'd still be talking about an 11% unemployment rate. >> let's repeat that. the people who dropped out of the work force were in it, our unemployment rate now would be above 11%. that is accurate? >> approximatelily. between 8 and 9 million people have dropped out of the job market since inauguration day. >> 114,000 new jobs created, even though and the unemployment rate dropped all the way down to 7.8%. what do you make of that? >> i'm going to make a guarantee right now and i don't like to do this. but i guarantee when this is revised, the unemployment rate will be back above 8%. that household survey that peter talked about being extraordinarily volatile, the numbers don't match much there shouldn't be 7.8% unemployment.
5:33 am
in 114,000 jobs created, at this particular point, considering where we were, we should be doing 250 to 350,000 jobs per month. >> that household survey in august showed 350,000 people dropping out in september it shows 800,000 people who got a job. entered the work force as workers. now, that's volatility in the extreme. >> only 114,000 got jobs in unemployment rate went down. it's hard to connect the dots on it. at the surface, it's good news for the white house. doesn't mean a lot for the overall country when america is only creating 114,000 jobs. by the way, all of these numbers have been revised lower after we looked at them again. >> i would expect the obama campaign to jump on this and say, we're heading in the right direction. >> absolutely. >> not sure what we can expect from governor romney, what do you think? >> you're right about what president obama will say. governor romney will say america is a lot better than 114,000 jobs a month. >> 7.8% is the unemployment rate
5:34 am
for september. 114,000 new jobs created in that month. 800,000 people plus entered the work force, according to the household survey. that's it for this fox business special report. we'll have continuing coverage throughout the day. i'm stuart varney, regular programming continues. >> steve: stewart, thank you very much. that's a good number for the white house. 7.8%, down from 8.1. you can imagine they're going to be making a lot of political hay with that today. but as charles payne pointed out, the disappointing and puzzling part is, how could we go down that far if we only added 114,000 new jobs in the months of september? >> brian: all right. we'll see if you think the president's administration is going in the right direction. we'll see what polls say as they continue to go at it in battle ground states. yesterday the vice president was going at it, at which time he ad libbed and let everybody know, your taxes are going up. >> steve: what? >> gretchen: here is the vice president. >> you know, the phrase we always use, obama and biden want
5:35 am
to raise taxes by $8 trillion. guess what? yes, we do in one regard, we want to let that trillion dollars tax cut expire so the middle class doesn't have to bear the burden of all that money going to the super wealthy. >> gretchen: you can almost see his brain sort of churning. he was saying in a funny voice, but making fun of people saying that obama and biden want to raise taxes and then he says -- particular point, yes, because he wants to raise taxes only on the people who make above $250,000 as a couple. a lot of talk about the middle class. i guarantee you in the next 32 days before the election, they're going to be talking about this unemployment number and the middle class. >> steve: and joe biden, you could see him there, he was looking -- the teleprompter is here, he wasn't looking at them. he was completely -- see, there are the teleprompters. he was looking straight ahead. the thing that's interesting and if you watch the debate on wednesday night, you know that the president of the united states talked about how it had
5:36 am
to be a balanced approach, he had to raise taxes and you had to cut spending as well. but mitt romney made a very effective case on why you don't have to raise taxes and you can cut spending and grow the economy and that's how you get out of it. >> brian: the president of the united states said a year ago this is not the right time to raise taxes and right now the country is growing at the same rate it was, if not slow than it was a year ago. so why is it not okay then and why is it okay now? >> steve: the other thing, this was deceptive as well. the president was talking about how he would like to bring taxes up to the level they were during bill clinton, which was just under 40%. the president would like to have the maximum rate federal level be 39 something percent. unfortunately what he doesn't tell you is currently with obamacare, what is it, another 3 or 4% is tagged on to it? so your federal tax burden is actually north of 40% if you're lucky enough to be in the highest tax bracket. >> brian: let me tell what you else is happening in the news. jim lehrer is speaking out for the first time since the debate.
5:37 am
he is responding to critics who said he did not do enough to control the candidates. he said he did exactly what a moderator should do. quote, i thought the format accomplished its purpose, which was to facilitate direct, extended exchanges between the candidates about the issues of substance. part of my moderation was to stay out of the way of the flow and i had no problems doing so. he said he got frustrated because halfway in he realized this was not long enough that we should have gone on longer. >> steve: although after 65 minutes, the president had spoken five minutes longer than mitt romney. mr. lehrer allowed him to go a little longer. we got other for you to talk about. midwest getting hit with its first snowfall. check out this new video. parts of snow -- parts of north dakota and northwestern minnesota getting snow. some areas could wind up with a foot of snow by the end of today. the wet snow causing trouble out on the roads as well. knocking out power to thousands people. >> gretchen: used to that growing up.
5:38 am
a lawyer gets sucker punched in the courtroom. the amazing thing, it was by his own client. all right. there it is. the guy took the swing and his own public defender after a judge sentenced him to 15 years in prison. watch that. go you go. he was going to prison for robbery. the punch didn't help his case. it landed him an extra six months in the slammer. his lawyer walked away with a fat lip. >> brian: he doesn't get paid much anyway. that's incredible. how could this dog have known his owner was in the hospital? that's what his owner is trying to figure out. his name is glander. he slipped out of his long island home and started running. he wound up at the hospital where his owner was being treat to do miles away. >> he's my boy. we don't have children. we have three beautiful dogs. so he's my buddy. >> brian: no kidding. he was being treated for a skin condition. the dog has never been to that hospital. >> steve: sounds like a movie of the week. >> brian: i believe that's good samaritan hospital. >> steve: it is on along island.
5:39 am
>> gretchen: coming up on "fox & friends," we've told but rubber rooms. that's where teachers are sent to do absolutely nothing, but they still get paid. wait until you see what one teacher is doing about it. >> steve: and listen to this, sex offenders suing for the right to hand out halloween offenders say it's freedom of speech. is it? that woman in the red dress, judge jeanine pirro, here to weigh in on that. first, let's check in with another woman in what looks like a red dress, alisyn camerota along with clayton. >> it's pink, talk about role reversal. a mom takes a back seat while her son becomes the boss of their new company. the two are sharing their family wisdom on building a small business even in these tough economic times. >> also coming up this week, we're unlocking the secrets to happiness. the author of "40 days to a joy filled life" will be here. >> then a golden give away for you. tune in to find out how you can win $100,000 worth of gold from
5:40 am
the guys on "gold rush." >> that's right. discovery channel's most watched show. they're going to be here this weekend and boy, $100,000. >> are we eligible? >> i don't know. we'll read the sweepstakes. brian has been asking about it. that's all coming up this weekend on "fox & friends" starting at 6:00 a.m. eastern time. >> see you then.
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5:43 am
>> steve: quick headlines now. a teacher assigned to a rubber room in new york city has been streaming live video of the room where he's been banished. he says he's been pulled from the classroom for a bogus reason, so he's streaming the video live in a bid to document how he's doing absolutely nothing and yet, collecting $75,000 a year on the taxpayers dime. no comment from the department of education. er i can understand that. utah man gets a call on his cell phone from his home phone and figured he was being robbed when he heard a bunch of banging sounds. but it turns out it was his dog. the dog hit the redial button while trying to bury the phone in the backyard.
5:44 am
b and g, over to thee. >> brian: we've had a lot of dog stories today. 17 minutes before the top of the hour. a group of sex offenders in california suing so they can take part in halloween festivities. you got a law passed in the city of simi valley banning them from participate not guilty certain halloween activities burks they say it vital their civil rights and causing outrage on both sides. >> having to put a sign on your door on halloween is like branding somebody. so when it's a scarlet letter or it's a yellow star of david for the nazi germany, you know, it's something that distinguishes everybody and actually makes them an outcast in their own community. >> i think it's a reasonable ordinance that the city has passed to help protect and keep us a safe city. >> gretchen: giving us the take is the host of "justice," judge jeanine pirro. all right. so i'm a parent. he's a parent, you're a parent.
5:45 am
if you go out trick or troating with your kids, you night want to know if you're going to the house of a sex offender. >> you're right. the first obligation of government is protection of its citizens. as i listened to that attorney say it's like branding them, first of all, you can't even compare a predator pedophile to someone who is a victim of a holocaust. but let's get past that. they say it's a violation of their civil rights, first and 14th amendments, protected speech. that's hogwash. here is the bottom line. predators and pedophiles are repeat offenders. they are cunning, they are devious. they are waiting for our children to come to their doors. and let everyone out there be aware that not every state, not every city has an ordinance like this. that means your children can go to a home with a pedophile who invites them in and you know how the story ends. so to say that it is a violation of their rights is ridiculous and the supreme court will agree with me because they've said you can even keep a sex offender
5:46 am
past his criminal sentence because they are a danger to the community. >> gretchen: but it's not even like they're putting on the sign, hello, i'm a sex offendser, don't come to this house, right? >> right. >> gretchen: the sign simply says, there is no candies here tonight or something like that. right? >> right. they can't turn the lights on or have the halloween decorations and they have to have something saying there is no candy here tonight, you're right. but at the same time, if a pedophile goes to another home, then that pedophile might be able to access children. so i think the message to parents here is you've got to make sure you know where your kids are going. they are out there. they are looking for your children. and they're not going to say don't come near me because i like to molest children. >> brian: it's amazing that a few years ago when you went trick or treating, you were told be back in two hours. now you have a situation like this. >> in addition, parents have to make sure their kids either have a cell phone, that they can call them. they have to check the candy. they have to monitor them. just with an older sister or
5:47 am
brother isn't enough. you have kids. i mean, the older sister or brother going in the other direction and this is something that we're going to see come across the country, a trend, where they're going to say, we have rights, too. you know what? when you became a sex offender, you forfeited your civil rights. you should be in jail anyway and it's not in jail, it's civil confinement. >> gretchen: you heard it from judge jeanine here first who always has an opinion on most matters, including this one. you can catch her on her show, 9:00 p.m. eastern, saturday, "justice" with jeanine. what will you be talking about? >> a lot going on in libya. the department of state, they really protect our people and our diplomats at the embassy. i don't think so. so there is going to be hearings in washington. we'll see what's going on, whether hillary clinton and the department of state is somewhat responsible for what happened. >> brian: we know the f.b.i. was in, 24 hours later, they're out. >> is that crazy? took them four weeks to get in and they stayed a minute. >> brian: we don't have access to the prisoners. >> why is the f.b.i. doing this
5:48 am
investigation? are we going to bring the defendants back to new york and try them? down the street? >> brian: boy, do off good show lined up. >> gretchen: see you later. she has conquered the music world and she's just 12 years old. ♪ . >> gretchen: singing star jackie evancho performs live for us next. looking forward to that. >> brian: amazing.
5:49 am
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>> coming up, we'll talk about the jobs number and how relevant that headline number really is to what's going on in the u.s. economy. also karl rove will join us with his 24, 48 hours later look at the debate and what he think attention mitt romney needs to do now. and liz cheney on why the f.b.i. was only on the ground for 24 hours in libya. we'll see you at the top of the hour when bill and i join you in "america's newsroom." ♪ . >> gretchen: discovered two years ago, jackie evancho has taken the music world by storm with her one of a kind voice. >> brian: i say so one of a kind. >> steve: yep, on her newest record, songs from the silver screen, she pays homage to music from the movies. she joins us live this morning. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> brian: what has the last
5:53 am
couple of years been like for you? >> i've been everywhere and i just shot a movie with robert redford and now i'm the face of guess' fall campaign and i've been touring the united states and i love it. >> brian: you're not really doing much. you're just hanging out? [ laughter ] is it fun? >> very fun. i love it. >> steve: how do you go to school? >> i do on-line school. >> steve: how does that work? >> well, they send you these books and you can do the lessons on-line, but you have the books with you just to have them with you and break down notes. >> steve: so you can go to school wherever you are? >> uh-huh. >> gretchen: does your mom travel with you? >> yes. my mom does. >> gretchen: you have sibling at home. i remember the last time you were here, you had a sign that your little brother had made for you saying how much he missed you. >> yeah. >> gretchen: is it hard? >> no. i mean, i miss them, of course, but i mean, i know i'm going to see them again. >> brian: right. obviously and performing in front of people, how do you get over the nerves part? you're only 12.
5:54 am
>> once i get on stage, i am really, really just excited and jumpy and wanting to sing. once i start singing, all the nerve kind of flushes away. >> steve: you're on a stage right now. what would you like to sing? >> "music of the night." >> steve: here she is. >> gretchen: from phantom. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
5:55 am
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>> steve: jackie, you mentioned a moment ago you're going to be in a new movie playing what? >> i'm going to be playing robert redford's daughter. >> brian: wow. what's he like? >> he's really nice and down-to-earth and super nice and sweet and really inspiring. >> steve: do you know, he's one of the biggest stars in hollywood. that's really cool. congratulations. >> gretchen: he just called you up and said i want you to be in my movie. it comes out in march called "the company you keep"? >> uh-huh. >> gretchen: you want to do more acting? >> hopefully in the future. >> gretchen: i have a feeling you can do whatever you want. >> brian: yes. >> brian: you're going to sing in the after the show show? >> yes. >> brian: if you have to run from the tv